About Us

The Center for Trade and Investment (CTI) is a multidisciplinary non-profit research and development arm of the University of Dhaka that began its journey in November 2013. Some members of the Faculty of Business Studies comprise the current core staff of the Center. The Center is also capable of enhancing its resources by developing linkages with various other centers, departments and institutes of the university, as well as outside organizations. It is also in a position to draw upon the diversified intellectual input of over two hundred faculty members of the Faculty of Business Studies of the university.

In addition to trade and investment issues, CTI is currently also focusing on sectoral and skills development research and training.

CTI conducts needs assessment studies, skill-gap analyses, etc. and works with various government agencies, development partners, international certification bodies, and chambers of commerce and sector associations to promote skill upgrading of human resources. CTI is also involved in promoting academia-industry collaboration for mutually beneficial results.

Current collaboration partners on skill development issues include International Labour Organization (ILO), National Skills Development Council (NSDC) Secretariat, Australian Trade Commission, State Electricity Company, Dhaka Metropolitan Police, Rapid Action Battalion, Ministry of Labor and Employment and Ministry of Information Technology.

Our Mission

  • to provide trade and investment solutions for both national and international citizens. 

Our Plan

CTI promotes, assists, and develops Bangladesh’s External Trade and Internal Human resources.

Our Vision

Building an Hub for Collaborative support in Trade and Investment