Analysis of Skill Levels in Furniture Sector of Bangladesh..

Study Background

Furniture sector is one of the high-growth SME sectors of Bangladesh. In a project study conducted by PKF (2013), it was reported that furniture sector has a growth rate of 19% per year. Growth prospect of this sector is being stimulated by rising demand in the domestic market as well as gradual growth of export. Local demand has been growing due to gradual economic prosperity of the mass people while export potential in international market is derived primarily from comparative cost advantage. Thus, this labor intensive sector has the potential to stand as a key contributor to the national economy by employment generation and also to become a prime supplier of foreign currency as in the case of apparel industry. Nonetheless, development of skilled manpower is a key prerequisite to foster sustainable development of this thrust sector through quality improvement and product innovation.

Objectives of the Study

Considering the importance of furniture sector on the economy of Bangladesh and the importance of skills for steady growth of this sector, the study aims to assess the skills of furniture workers of the country. The specific objectives of the study are as follows:
i. To identify the different occupations in the furniture sector of Bangladesh.
ii. To assess the skill levels of different furniture employees i.e. the current skill level of the furniture sector employees and skill required for the job.
iii. To forecast different skills required in furniture sector of Bangladesh. This will help the industry and policy makers to determine the different employees required in furniture sector.



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