Director's Message

Dear Visitor: Welcome to the Center for Trade and Investment (CTI) website. Join us in our journey as we continue to work in partnership with the private sector, researchers, trainers, policy makers and development partners in trying to ensure greater integration of the Bangladesh economy with world markets.

The University of Dhaka has been at the forefront of academic and research excellence in Bangladesh for almost a century. The Center for Trade and Investment was set up by the University with the realization that conventional methods of trade and investment research, promotion and development, as well as training, will not serve the needs of a globalized world. CTI therefore takes a collaborative approach in all its work. Thus, if you are an independent researcher, faculty of an university, or a practitioner with an analytical bent of mind, we invite you to collaborate with us to provide innovative solutions in areas where we have a common interest.

If you are policy makers working with various ministries, we will work closely with you in designing and implementing training programs, evaluating projects, and provide any advise that you may require. If you are a Chamber of Commerce or an industry sector association, we look forward to working with you in upgrading the human resource skills of your members and jointly identifying solutions to their other problems. If you are migrant workers, or potential migrant workers, we will work with the Government of Bangladesh, development partners, as well as host governments, in identifying innovative ways of upgrading your skills that are accepted by your host countries.

If you are the private sector, we will work with you in providing customized solutions to your training needs. If you are IT trained youth, we will upgrade and certify your management skills and try to link you to national and international markets in collaboration with the government and international agencies. So, if you are any of the above, JOIN US. Let us bring change together !

Professor Altaf Jalil, PhD

Center for Trade and Investment